taxi-cab-381233_1280In a place as populated as New York City, it can seem like individuals who claim to be handymen can be a dime a dozen. Finding a good HVAC professional can be a difficult proposition, even in this big city. Your HVAC system is an important part of your life and provides comfort for you during the warm NYC summers and the the cold NYC winters.

In one of the most populated cities in the world, you can expect there to be some “bandits” or less-than-ethical individuals in every trade, including in the field of HVAC repair and maintenance. A good HVAC professional in our area will be knowledgeable and professional in all regards. They will understand all of the methods and procedures for designing a quality HVAC system and they should be fully licensed in the state of New York to perform these services for you. Here are some characteristics of a fully qualified NYC professional:

1. They know everything about a quality HVAC system inside and out.


The first designation for a quality HVAC technician is that they will know everything there is to know about an HVAC system. For example, they know that an HVAC should be properly sized in order to provide appropriate air flow; they realize that an HVAC system should be properly installed in order to meet room-by-room heating and cooling requirements; and they are aware that the HVAC system should be installed in a manner that allows for a decent static air pressure drop within the design specifications of the manufacturer.

They also realize that a proper HVAC system will have sealed return ductwork providing appropriate air flow to the fan. The system will also be able to avoid that has been polluted from different sources such as auto fumes, stored chemicals and attic matter. Finally, they know that the HVAC system should have a proper amount of refrigerant and be able to fully manage burner operation and draft needs.

2. They know all of the proper procedures for unit installation.

box-33136_1280Your NYC HVAC professional will be a competent individual who will know all of the basic steps to perform in order to provide a step-by-step installation of your HVAC system. They will be able to determine all of the needed room-by-room loads and air-flows and will utilize all of the appropriate ACCA Manual J calculation procedures. They will able to provide a systematic duct system for your unique floor plan and will be able to manage any of the obstruction within the room including joists, roof hips, and fire-walls. They will be able to size the duct system using all of the appropriate ACCA Manual D calculation procedures as well.

Moreover, they will be knowledgeable enough to size your HVAC system up to code according to the specifications in ACCA Manual S. Finally, they will be aware of the requirements of the Air Diffusion Council, the SMACNA, state residential Energy Efficiency Standards, and the specifications of the manufacturer. They will test the system to make sure that it does not leak, is properly sized, and has proper air flow and plenum static pressures.

3. They are willing to undergo all of the needed New York licensure requirements.

Finally, your NYC HVAC professionally be will fully licensed and bonded. There are many con-artists in the NYC area, so it is definitely unwise to go with an unlicensed contractor if the work you require will cost over $200. If a contractor is licensed, they will held accountable for any shoddy work they perform.

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